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Desire Paths

Prehumous Professor of Morbid Bibliomancy
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First I should probably explain the name of the journal: a desire path is a term landscape architects use for one of those rutted, brown, earthy walkways that have been worn into an otherwise green and well-kept landscape by the feet of many, many people whose collective will have worn down the vegetation until only the dirt path remains. One of the major streets--actually a highway--near the house where I grew up began its life as a desire path, a Native American trail used by the Leni Lenape Indians before Europeans came here. (ALL paths used to be desire paths, before governments started paving "official" roads and dictating where people were to walk.) I have always liked walking desire paths and always prefer walking on one to the sidewalk if I have a choice and if it will get me where I'm going. You decide what that says about me. ;)

I am currently working on a couple of books--one fiction and one non-fiction, about another author's books--and when I have finished one or both and have some news on that front I will change this information to reflect that. This will be my "real life" journal, so it will probably have little content related to the Harry Potter fandom, in which I have been active for the last five years, but may have some entries relating to that or to other fandoms in which I am interested (although calling them "fandoms" is probably a stretch, as the extent of my involvement in them at this time is reading books or watching television shows or films, rather than actively engaging fellow fans on message boards or mailing lists).

I will be screening non-friends' comments and using filters, primarily to assure that only people truly interested in certain topics will be likely to see them, but for the most part my posts here will be public and open to commenting from anyone who is engaging in civil discourse.